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Comparison between Zeiss 15x60 Binoculars

Started by simonbriggs, 06/14/2007 01:02PM
Posted 06/14/2007 01:02PM Opening Post
I have not been able to compare the newer 15x60 GAT* with the earlier 15x60 model.
The only difference I can see is that the earlier model lacks the T* optical coatings of the later model and it's rubber surround.
Could anyone enlighten me with any other differences do they perform similarly?
Posted 06/23/2007 09:50AM #1
I have seen a pair of the latest version. I have not looked through them though.

I think the T* coatings are very good in fact they are a big breakthrough over earlier Zeiss coatings.

I have also read on a cloudy nights review by Markus Ludes a few years ago that the older versions has semi apochromatic air spaced objectives. The newer version also have air spaced objecttives and have eyepieces with longer eye relief and slightly inferior colour correction.

So my guess is the latest will be significantly brighter have a nicer eye relief and they will suffer from slightly more chromatic aberration when compered to earlier versions.

having said that I bet the views are superb and how could a 15 X pair have an issue with colour correction??

Just a thought!!

I bet they are lovely, I wish I had insisted on a look through them. I trialed the 7X50 T* a few years back and they were wonderful especially when using them in daylight. The T* is a much better coating than the coating in my 1970's 7X50B.

Kevin Barker