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Jupiter in Zeiss 150/2250

Started by kcolter, 05/24/2005 04:28AM
Posted 05/24/2005 04:28AM Opening Post
Reading comments in another forum I realize that if we don't have some posts, we may lose the forum. So, the last two nights I have had some nice views of Jupiter in the Zeiss 150/2250. I think the best focal length eyepiece for the conditions I have had is an AP 12mm Superplanetary, 16mm Zeiss ortho very nice as well, 10mm Zeiss ortho a bit much for the seeing. This objective has some obvious false color that is most noticeable on bright stars but is something I can look past for the most part.
Posted 05/24/2005 04:05PM #1
I could see multiple small white whorls in the north equatorial belt, large white bright area fringed with purplish blue in the belt between the NEB and the SEB. The GRS was just rotating out of view during the 45 minutes or so that I observed. I saw small amounts of detail in the GRS. I was quite happy with the overall brightness of the image at 187X in the Zeiss. The first night I had the 20 inch Starmaster set up at the same time--the red equatorial belts were much brighter red in the 20 inch but I don't think I was seeing any major increase in detail in the 20 inch compared with the Zeiss. On a night with steadier seeing where the atmosphere was not the limiting factor I'm sure I could have taken both scopes to higher magnifications and proven the age old axiom that aperture wins. I was comparing Jupiter at 203X in the Starmaster to 187X in the Zeiss. The clear sky clock for my location was light blue at the time I was observing. I would have said the Pickering rating for seeing was 4-5 on the scale of 10 based on the appearance of Airy disc and diffraction rings on bright stars.