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Started by kcolter, 03/01/2007 02:07PM
Posted 03/01/2007 02:07PM Opening Post
In the interest of stimulating a little response on this forum I will post about some recent observations using a Zeiss 10mm monocentric eyepiece. I observed Saturn through it at WSP (20 inch Starmaster) when Saturn was straight overhead and here in Missouri looked at M13 (V11 Starmaster) with it in the pre-dawn hours last week. I compared the view of M13 in the monocentric to a 9mm Nagler immediately afterward. Obviously the field of view was miniscule in the monocentric compared to the Nagler, but it was quite striking how much brighter and crisper (for lack of a better word) the brightest stars in the cluster were with the monocentric than in the Nagler. The view of Saturn at the zenith at WSP in the 20 Starmaster with the monocentric was superb. There have been comments on other forums saying that WSP seeing this year wasn't up to Florida Keys standards, but even average seeing in the Florida Keys allows some astonishing sights. I was able to see the Pup again this year with both of the above Starmasters. Last year at WSP the Pup was seen nightly with ease by many observers through many instruments across the field.
Posted 03/01/2007 03:42PM #1
8) I have many Tele Vue and Brandon eyepieces but I have found for my 63mm f 13.3 Zeiss Telemator refractor .965 Zeiss Jena Microscope eyepieces are cheap on eBay and cannot be beat for contrast and crispness on the planets and the Moon.M42 and M13 are great in this rig but as we get to dimmer objects I go up to my 6 inch f /8 Astrophysics and the Brandons.Kim have you thought of joining the Yahoo Telementor group??I seldom come here I can be reached at Oh and I also use a Zeiss Zoom eyepiece from a Dyalit spotting scope

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Posted 03/01/2007 09:14PM #2

Last night I was observing Saturn with a 10" dob. with a fine Mark Cowan mirror switching between TMB/Burgess 4mm,6mm, a 5mm Tak.LE, a Pentax 7mm XW and TMB supermoncentric 5mm and 6mm eyepieces. The difference between the TMB mono's and the others were striking and very noticable. Especially the brightness and contrast was far superior in the TMB monocentric's than the others. It seemed like I was observing with a larger mirror when I used the TMB mono's. I switched back to the other eyepieces and they were dimmer and not as contrasty. The difference with the Pentax was not as noticable, but was still there. I will definitely use them on other objects that require more contrast, but not an extended field.