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Zeiss 150/2250

Started by kcolter, 11/05/2004 04:26AM
Posted 11/05/2004 04:26AM Opening Post
In the interest of jump starting some conversation on the Zeiss forum I'll say that I just received my Zeiss 150/2250 from D&G who made a nice tube for it and have had it out twice. I am very favorably impressed with it. I have not yet had the chance to observe Jupiter with it but have looked at Saturn, moon, open clusters, M42, and a smattering of other deep sky objects. I have a 2 inch "fringe killer" filter from Baader but find that I like the images without the fringe killer better so far. There is quite a bit of color to be seen on bright stars such as Rigel, Sirius, and Vega but in looking at planets and the moon I note essentially none. I was surprised to see essentially no color at the lunar edge. It is nice to use what are usually low power eyepieces with long eye relief and have them deliver 3mm and less exit pupils. Looks like a promising open cluster, planetary, lunar, and double star scope.
Posted 11/06/2004 06:49AM #1
Kim -

Congratulations on your new scope. How have you mounted it? A long focal length is great for high res planetary observing, but along with it (in a refractor) comes some inconvenience. Would love to see a picture of your set-up when you have the chance.

clear skies,

Alan Friedman
Posted 11/06/2004 03:56PM #2
Congratulations on this investment.
I found the fringe killer unnecessary with my wee AS80/840 too. With and without it in good seeing there was no advantage.
This AS150/2250 sounds wonderful. I bet in very good seeing the scope could cope with very high magnifications on doubles. Perhaps 500-600?

Your 40 mm orthoscopic might work well with this long focus telescope.

Best wishes

Kevin Barker