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Zeiss 20X60 image stabilized binoculars

Started by kcolter, 07/02/2003 07:35AM
Posted 07/02/2003 07:35AM Opening Post
Anyone have experience with the Zeiss 20X60 image stabilized binoculars? Anyone have an opinion about whether they would pursue the 20X60 image stabilized versus the highly touted 15X60 BGAT's (what do all those letters stand for anyway?) Thanks--perhaps this message will kick start the lull in this forum.
Kim Colter
Posted 07/02/2003 11:45AM #1
B is short for a German word that means eye cup one can wear with glasses.
GA means rubber armoured.
T refers to the famous Zeiss T* coatings. The coatings the APQ's have!!

I've not used either binocular and have only ever seen favourable comments about the 15 X 60's.

Best wishes
Posted 07/02/2003 07:45PM #2

I had considered the 20 x 60s for a while. Most of the comments I found on them were favorable but one fellow complained about occasional black out problems when he was using them. Anyway, that comment plus their relatively large size, heavy weight and high price dissuaded me against them.

A few months ago I did get a pair of the 15 x 60 BGATs. although they are arguably hand hold able if you can brace your elbows, I don't recommend it. You will get a lot more out of these binoculars if you use them with a mount.

As Phil Harrington pointed out in his Astronomy Magazine review the contrast and resolution of these binoculars is outstanding. Last week I got my first chance to take them up to really high elevation/dark sky site and the views of the Milky Way cloud views (from Sagittarius up to Cygnus and over to Cassiopeia) were some of the best if not the best that I can ever remember.

I can't rationally argue that they are that so much better than the Fujinon 16 x 70s to be worth twice or even triple the price, but they are a very enjoyable binocular to use. They're small and light enough that you can use them with a moderate size mount (e.g., Unimount Light Deluxe) and their true field (4.30 degrees) is large enough that you can easily find most objects and frame them. I am very satisfied with them.
Posted 08/13/2003 04:14PM #3
I know this reply is very late, but I just happened to see your question today.

I actually own a pair of the Zeiss 20x60s. I would not recommend them for astronomy - they are just to heavy to hold for a long time pointing up at the sky. You end up allowing them to rest on your eyesockets, and it hurts! So then you end up putting them on a tripod.... which feels silly.

Having said that, the optical quality is outstanding. They are detectably better than my Fujinon 16x70s. I have the Fujis munted on a Universal Astronomics mount, and that is a better (and cheaper) arrangement than trying to use the Zeiss's.

What the Zeiss's are excellent for is general observing or birding etc during daylight. The stabilisation is quite uncanny - you press the button, and suddenly everything is floating smoothly, no shakes. The button takes a bit of effort though. If you just want to run and take a quick look at Jupiter, they are perfect, but its an expensive luxury.