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Zeiss Victory 10x56 review

Started by pandoraefretum, 09/23/2003 02:30PM
Posted 09/23/2003 02:30PM Opening Post
I am a keen amateur astronomer with an intermediate to fair understanding and appreciation of good optics.
I purchased the Zeiss Victory 10-x56 only to return them 1 day later. They were the best views I have ever seen through binoculars and also the most disappointing. I'm sure this off-the-shelf model had suffered a knock and was mis-collimated. Really heavy off-axis purple/green colour fringing was a serious daytime spoiler. Stars were not pinpoint, suffered coma and showed signs of bad collimation. The binos are quite heavy, supplied with no objective caps and need a special expensive tripod adapter accessory. However, the immersion in evening views, the contrast, the saturation of colour and the richness of views were quite adictive and mesmerizing. Again, Astronomy was not as good, no doubt because of collimation. I intend to try another pair out as soon as possible. Zeiss wrote and offered excellent support and free inspection, but I think I am entitled to a fully functioning pair from kick-off. I remain even more positive especially about Zeiss, even though I have had a "negative" experience ; these binos have really put to shame the other 5 entry level binos I have around the house... opticron / pentax / helios. I am determined to own at least 1 pair of decent binos inspired by my recent experience.
Posted 10/11/2003 09:59PM #1
I presume the Victory you used were the Victory II's.

The ones with the neck strap lugs positioned out of the way of hands.

I understand the Victory are manufactured in Hungary. Zeiss have changed the lug position, have put more baffles in and are now using another glass type in the II's.

I have the ClassiC 10X40's which I shall keep after reading a few poor reviews like yours. They view superbly although a little chromatic aberrtaion is visible off axis if you look for it and this does affect contrast in a backlit setting.

I see the 10X40's are no longer sold but the venerable ClassiC 7X42's are still sold and apparently sell well to this day. I think if I was going to splash out on expensive Zeiss binoculars the 7X42's would be the ones I would go for.

Best wishes