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Blue Moon 8/22/21 image

Blue Moon 8/22/21

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Contains: Solar system body or event
Acquisition Details
  • Number of frames:
  • FPS:
  • Focal length:   2032

This is the Blue Moon of the original definition. It is now called a seasonal Blue Moon. The third full moon in a four moon season (3 months). It happens about every 2.7 years. As rare as the two moons in one month Blue Moons. This is a mosaic of 105 images taken through my 8" SCT with my 1.2 MGP planetary camera. the Image is 5000x5000 pxl. I took 105, 500 frame SER videos. Stacked them in Autostakkert and used Registax6 and the same wavelet settings for all images. Then merged them in Photomerge in Photo Shop CS6. Did some adjustments in PSP9 and cropped to size