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Veil Nebula NGC6992

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Europa Races the Red Spot image

Europa Races the Red Spot

Contains: Solar system body or event
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Imaged Jupiter and moons with my 14.5” f4.3 Zambuto Starmaster, ZWO ASIMC pro camera in one of the two sides of my Siebert Black Knight 45 binoviewer equipped with 2x OCA, SharpCap taking a series of 11 30-second videos. Each video processed via PIPP, Autostakkert and Registax to create 11 TIFFs. These were assembled into a video with moviemaker. This image is a screenshot of two frames separated by about 12 minutes Earth time, showing Europa and its shadow on the lower right near the red spot, moving faster than the fast rotation of Jupiter. Europa wins this race in just 12 minutes. Io is visible at upper right, eclipsing behind Jupiter in the 12 minute span. Jupiter was just 18-degrees above horizon at the time of these transits causing much atmospheric turbulence. Only 15% of the 800 frames of each video were used to improve quality.