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The Helix Nebula image

The Helix Nebula

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Contains: Deep sky object
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On the same evening I imaged the Soul nebula, which I posted recently, I first tried to image the Helix nebula. This was a challenge due to tall trees in my backward. I had to shoot between the trees. Unfortunately, I could only get 12 usable light frames at ISO 1600 for 300 seconds each. I used a Takahashi FSQ-130ED at a focal length of 650mm. I guided with a 200mm scope and used a ZWO camera for guiding. My main imaging camera was a Canon Ra, and I did use a light pollution filter. I did not use any flat frames for this subject, but I did take dark frames. Guiding software was PHD2 along with APT and I did dither between shots. The resulting light and dark frames and a library of Bias frames were combined in Deep Sky Stacker and the resulting stacked image was processed in Photoshop. I used a custom white balance from a grey card I shot earlier. This image session was performed on 10/28/22 from my back porch Illinois.