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A shootout wins the shootout this week...

11/09/2004 12:00AM

A shootout wins the shootout this week...
This weeks Review Contest winner is Wing Eng for his review titled: Orion 80mm f/7.5 ED Apochromatic Refractor Versus Masked 80mm Televue 102 Apochromatic Refractor and he wins $50 worth of shopping credit at Anacortes Telescope and Wild Bird.

Remember, everyone, to post your reviews both here at AstroMart AND at Anacortes Telescope and Wild Bird, if they sell the product. (they probably do :-)

Just look under the price of an item for the link to submit a review (you must be logged into ATWB to participate)

Again, if you happen to post a weekly winner here on AstroMart, you can get $50 worth of shopping credit at ATWB. If you post the winning review to BOTH sites, it's $100 worth (the one on ATWB can be a "shortened" version of the one you post here)

NOTE: You may need to submit a shorter version on the ATWB site if your review is particularly long and that's OK.


Whether for purchase or just curiosity, I think we all know what it feels like to be on the prowl for info on a given scope or device. We plow through the internet gobbling up reviews like hungry neutron stars until we find that one review that quiets the hunger. For a while.

We want the unvarnished truth but we reject bashing. We want our reviews to invite us in to share in the experience with the reviewer. We want the reviewer to cover all the same questions we would ask. We want to be able to visualize what the reviewer is describing. We want to believe the reviewer is competent and thorough or at least communicate his astronomical experience so we may use it as a filter. We want to be informed without being bored, the details without the tedium. We want the writer to speak to the expert without shunning the beginner. In other words, we want it all.

Next week, we'll pick another reviewer for special recognition. Stay tuned. Better yet, sharpen those pencils, uncap those BICs, walk away from the flame wars in the forums and re-commit your keyboard to writing your own winning review!

-Paul S. Walsh,
AstroMart Editor