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Earth-Sized Planet Discovered Orbiting Alpha Centauri B

11/07/2012 03:19PM

Earth-Sized Planet Discovered Orbiting Alpha Centauri B

A Swiss-based team at the University of Geneva, searching for exoplanets (i.e., planets that exist outside our solar system), has detected an Earth-mass planet orbiting the star Alpha Centauri B. The idea that one or more planets might orbit the star system closest to Earth has been a favorite subject of science-fiction writers for decades. It is no surprise then that the possibility of an Earth-mass planet orbiting Alpha Centauri B has piqued substantial interest among astronomers and the general public.


<br>Thanks to Mike Selz for finding this very interesting news item and pointing it out to me. <br><br>Thanks, <br><br>Guy Pirro <br><br><br>
I don't think it's realistic and even if it were there's nothing we can do about it so forget it. See AM thread, "Is SETI realistic? for further details...