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NASA Contemplates a Super-Charged Successor to the Saturn V Rocket

09/14/2011 07:54PM

NASA Contemplates a Super-Charged Successor to the Saturn V Rocket

NASA is ready to move forward with the development of the Space Launch System (SLS) -- an advanced heavy-lift launch vehicle that will provide an entirely new national capability for human exploration beyond Earth's orbit. It will use a liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen propulsion system, which will include the RS-25D/E engine from the Space Shuttle Program for the core stage and the J-2X engine for the upper stage. SLS will also use solid rocket boosters for the initial development flights. The SLS will have an initial lift capacity of 77 tons. The lift capacity will be evolvable to more than 143 tons. The first developmental flight is targeted for the end of 2017. By comparison, the Saturn V booster that sent men to the moon was able to lift 130 tons.


  • JJM [James McSheehy]
  • 09/15/2011 06:50AM
This "new" heavy lift rocket looks suspiciously like a Saturn-V with two shuttle solid boosters strapped on the sides. Now that NASA has destroyed all of the tooling and facilities for the Shuttle, and they disposed of the Saturn stuff decades ago, the price tag for reinventing the wheel should be, ahem, sky-high. 8)
  • RichA [Richard Anderson]
  • 09/27/2011 08:44AM
Honestly? It is hamboned on their part, the ship is almost spec for spec the SAME as the Saturn V. But, it's better they go up, than point instruments down in a sad attempt at joining the global warming cabal.