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NASA's Chandra Solves Black Hole Paradox

06/25/2006 07:00AM

NASA's Chandra Solves Black Hole Paradox

Black holes light up the universe and astronomers may finally know how. New data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory show for the first time powerful magnetic fields are the key to these brilliant and startling light shows.


One might also want to take a closer look at open star clusters- these often seem sinusoidal due to lack of 3-D appearance. Sometimes you get several such sinusoids which may mean bundled spirals (kinda like DNA). There are a great number of these things all over the sky- many aren't as obvious as they might otherwise be due to differential drifting away of component stars.<br><br>I've wondered whether supernovae, followed by black hole production, jetting, and magnetic fields within nebulae could be responsible for the star-spirals.<br><br>Jess Tauber