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Dew heaters from Kitchen appliances

Posted by Malcolm Bird 01/08/2016 12:00AM

Don't throw out that old toaster!!


Malcolm,<br><br>Great article! Brings together a lot of stuff we'd have otherwise had to dig up in a lot of places. I'm getting ready to build my own, now. <br><br>Referring to your caution at the end about not necessarily being able to find the correct ohms/ft. combination to give the wattage needed, one might do better (and even save more money, rather than cannibalizing a perfectly good toaster) checking out eBay for Nichrome Resistance Wire.<br><br>It comes in numerous gauges, and resistance values, because apparently this stuff is used in "vaping" devices, those "non-smoking" cigarettes that are popular now, and apparently people have to replace it every so often.<br><br>Check it out and see if you can find a value like you need. You'll get a bunch more than you need, so maybe make one for a friend, as well. <br><br>And most of the packages are under $4 US. Lots cheaper than even a cheap toaster!<br><br><br><br>Ron Cox<br> 8)
Hi Ron,<br><br>Yeah, but I'm an inveterate taker-aparter. I can't throw something out without seeing what makes it tick first. I've got bins of gears from printers and paper shredder. You never know when you'll need that certain<br><br>Thanks for the feedback.<br><br>malcolm<br><br>