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New custom foam for your astro gear!

Posted by David Standen 04/12/2015 12:00AM

Has your eyepiece case seen better days? Has your pick-n-pluck been plucked one to many times?


Hi David, I enjoyed your article and intend to avail as you describe. Thanks for the very detailed tutorial on how to customize and order. For decades I have been looking for eyepiece cases and never found anything suitable. I'm also somewhat perplexed regarding the dearth of recent reviews, articles and if visitors/members rarely avali this aspect of the Site...which could be very useful indeed if it were to just take off. Tom Dey (Thomas Dey)
  • Neptune [David Standen]
  • 07/01/2015 05:44AM
Tom, thanks for your kind words. I really liked their product, so much so I am planning a new smaller case for my collectable eyepieces.<br>David

I really appreciate and enjoyed the article. I remember too well cutting foam with a bread knife for accessory cases <img class='' src='' alt='smile' title='smile'/> <br><br>One thing I really missed was some indication of the magnitude of the cost. I find that with sites of this type you have to actually design something to get an estimate of the cost, after which you realize that you can't afford it and you've wasted your time.

Excellent, including the follow-up discussions. I just counted up my extravagant assortment of high-end eyeps etc and get 20 TeleVues, 3 Night-Visions, 16 filters, myriad solar things, more --- most in cheap Sterilite tubs from the Dollar Store... Although I don't take them "on the road" I have the (also extravagant) blessing of three observing sites on my rural property: two observatories and the house deck separated by woods a few football fields trek thru snow and logging roads. Suddenly custom cases for the cost of One Ethos eyep seems a no-brainer bargain! I spent the summer improving the roads and building a powered "observing shed" for the JMI RB16s. The cases will be a great fall/winter project! I keep an "eyepiece stable" on the top step of the warehouse ladder that accesses my 29-inch "Dob in a Dome." I'll improve that with a custom foam insert too. Thanx again! Tom Dey