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Leveling mod for a WO Mortar TriPier

Posted by Michael ORourke   10/06/2023 02:39AM

Leveling mod for a WO Mortar TriPier

Hi all. I have both of the models of the WO Mortar TriPier (800 and 1000), and got frustrated with having to use blocks of wood or rocks to put under the feet of them to level it (even on a slightly sloping driveway!) So, I found compatible feet with a longer bolt to replace the stock ones.

I found a foot with a 5" bolt on it from J. W. Winco, Inc. ( Their part number is: 12N5W10N (WN9100.1-1.97-M12-5-G NY-LEV LEVELING MOUNT-BASE PLASTIC-THREADED STUD STAINLESS-W/PAD W/O BOLT HOLES). They cost me $14.80 each plus shipping. 

To replace them, use a 2mm hex key to loosen the two grub screws in the base of the top cap, unscrew and remove the cap and the star nut; then screw the foot out of the holder. Screw the new foot in, run the star nut down, screw the cap on and tighten the cap's grub screws. You're ready to go with a generous adjustment for leveling even in a rough field.

The attached picture shows the new foot installed with the old one next to it.