Great Nebula Filters from DGM Optics

Posted by Al Milano   12/22/2012 08:00AM

I've ordered a pair of innovative new "nebula" filters from a company called DGM Optics. Not only are these filters priced lower than many other companies' offerings - But, according to the excellent reviews (on various Astronomy forums, etc.), they perform better than filters from the other well-known companies!

Well, it's true - I've seen it myself now; using Garrett S.S. 10x50 binoculars (and also with my 8" Dobsonian).
You can check out this link: , to order filters. OIII filters are currently on sale!
I have no affiliation with DGM Optics, by the way (aside from being a satisfied customer).

I ordered a pair of their GCE filters for use on a couple of pairs of binoculars, for spotting DSO's.
CGE stands for Galaxy Contrast Enhancement! Neat, huh? I was initially very intrigued by them.
As far as I know - These are the only filters currently in production, that are actually indicated for the image enhancement of Galaxies! I think this is great, and although (as one would expect) the difference isn't jaw-dropping - I have seen a noticeable improvement when viewing a several of the brighter galaxies. And I'm really looking forward to using them on many more (smaller & fainter) galaxies!

These filters are great for use on small aperture instruments - especially Binoculars. One of the reasons for this, is that they allow a generous amount of light through (while blocking light pollution, of course). As you can see from the Transmission Plot. They could be considered close to a 'Broadband' type of light pollution filter - As opposed to say, a UHC-type for example.
I suppose the only popular filters that they can be compared to, would be the 'Deep Sky' types.
However the GCE's actually do improve the view on galaxies in my light polluted backyard.

The GCE's give all objects under observation a unique hue of magenta. Sort of a pinkish/purple, that I find pleasing. It doesn't seem to be as distracting as other nebula filters that I've used. Anyone who has an assortment of nebula filters in their collection knows what I mean.

In addition to the 10x50's, they perform very well when carefully taped to the eyepieces of my 15x70's. I also use one with my 8" Dobsonian when scanning/searching for DSO's while using a wide-field eyepiece.

I just wanted to share my experiences. I happen to be a huge fan of binocular Astronomy (and nebula filters!). And, hope that fellow Astronomers, who have similar interests, will find these GCE's to be a useful addition to their equipment.

Clear skies!