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Posted by Jason Matter 10/28/2018 06:35PM


StellarMate Wifi Observatory Control COmputer


  • neomonks [Prabhakar Kesava]
  • 10/29/2018 11:08AM
Excellent in-depth review., I’m considering to give this a try.
Thanks for your review.

I think I may have to try this. Seems like a new solution to an old problem.


  • tonycap [tony capestany]
  • 11/08/2018 07:35PM
Hey Stellarmate

This looks pretty good to try. I have looked at something like this but the expense didn't justify it for my observatory. The cost was over $1500 and it didn't appear to have local support. Who would provide support for this if needed? BTW, the screen shots and description are detailed.
thank you

Great Review and hope to get to that level of sophistication someday as I grow in the hobby. Appreciate the pictures which added more clarity on what the solution provides.

I recently purchased one of these. I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised I am with this it. When I first started it up I merely plugged it in and logged onto it through another laptop with the VNC viewer. I played around with it for a couple hours then went to bed. The next day when I set it up on my Atlas EQ-G I could not connect to it remotely. I then plugged in a monitor, keyboard and mouse. It was booting up to an 'Emergency screen' and not going straight to the Desktop.

After sending an email via the StellarMate website, Jasem (the only customer service rep there is it seems), he was able to help me figure out what was going on. He emailed instructions on how to change two parameters in two different files. Once I made the changes it worked fine and I have not had any issues at all. It took more time than I was hoping, for him to reply but after I found out that he lives in Kuwait (and I live in CA) it made sense that it took so long. However, his customer service was very responsive.

Finally, the following Friday I set it back up and was able to get to the real business of becoming familiar with the device without any issues. If you are not familiar with Ekos there will be a learning curve to it. After I set it up, I connected remotely with my laptop with Kstars planetarium and kept nice and warm in my house.

After about an hour or so of playing around with it, I felt much more comfortable with the controls. I don't have a robo-focuser at the moment, so I have to manually focus my scope. Everything worked fine though. However, Kstars crashed on me a few times, but each time I got it running again I was able to connect to the mount and cameras without any problems. Kstars even knew the orientation of my mount, so I did not have to start all over each time it crashed.

I did subscribe to Ekos Live that is offered and it worked out just fine. I can't see Polaris from my current setup at home so I had to align my mount by using a plumb-bob and striking a chalk line on the concrete when the sun was right at the meridian. I did do a crude visual drift alignment when I set it up. After I tried the 'Align' feature I was giving the feedback that my mount was out of alignment by 14"+ in RA and almost a half a degree in DEC. Even so, I was able to get some decent images with nice round stars with a 5 minute exposure using the guiding software in Ekos.

The scope I was using that night is a Celestron EdgeHD 800 on any Orion Atlast EQ-G mount and ZWO ASI174MC Cool and a ZWO ASI 124 guide camera. Once I get a HyperStar lens for it I will be capturing images as often as I can. My other telescope is an Orion ED 80. I have had more success capturing images with it in the past but I going to set it up on my Orion Sirius EQ-G for observation after I get a HyperStar lens.