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Stardust Gallery LED Lightbox Review and Metallic Print Review

Posted by Eric Todd 05/05/2016 12:00AM

An LED Lightbox that will really make your astro image stand out on your wall!

DarkSkies Apparel Hooded Observers Vest Review

Posted by John Kramer 03/15/2012 10:03AM

Dark Skies Apparel recognized a need and filled it - supplying the astronomical community with a unique offering that every amateur astronomer can use while observing from their backyard, in their own personal observatory, or even during an outreach event.

SustainableChoice Scope Mat

Posted by Dave Bonandrini 02/28/2011 11:23PM

SustainableChoice Scope Mat

How does a rubber mat qualify for "Green" marketing?

SkySafari + SkyWire Review

Posted by Max Byerly 01/28/2011 08:13PM

Your iPad, iPhone, and iPod is now your telescopes goto controller!!!

The SIPS (aka/ Focuser Mounted Paracorr2)

Posted by Dave Bonandrini 09/25/2010 02:40PM

The SIPS (aka/ Focuser Mounted Paracorr2)

If you have a really fast Dob, you need a SIPS.

Exploradome Domes

Posted by Ronald Abraham 02/25/2009 12:00AM

Get what you need for less cost.

The Scope Buggy - Essential Astro Accessory

Posted by Glen Ward 07/24/2008 12:00AM

The Scope Buggy is so handy that just about everybody ought to have one.

Laser Stars

Posted by Larry Brown 12/26/2007 12:00AM

A green-laser kaleidoscope.

Orion Dynamo: Portable Power Packaged Perfectly

Posted by Clayton Cramer 11/23/2007 12:00AM

Orion Dynamo: Portable Power Packaged Perfectly

Safer and more convenient than a bare battery, and loaded with features.

Baader Planetarium Spectroscope

Posted by Glen Ward 10/22/2007 12:00AM

A blaze-grating spectroscope with features for both visual and imaging use.

SV 50 Finderscope meets WO 50mm Bracket

Posted by Timm Bottoni 08/24/2007 12:00AM

SV 50 Finderscope meets WO 50mm Bracket

Can two products of competing companies get along together on the same scope without fighting?

Cleaning with the Delkin SensorScope System

Posted by Mike Overacker 03/03/2007 12:00AM

Cleaning with the Delkin SensorScope System

This review is my impressions on the Delkin Devices SensorScope sensor cleaning system and its value for this market

Moonlite Telescopes CR2

Posted by Clayton Cramer 02/04/2007 12:00AM

Moonlite Telescopes CR2

Dual-rate focuser is so elegant it makes the rest of the scope look like it was built by cavemen.

Orion's Collimating eyepiece

Posted by Robert Piekiel 01/27/2007 12:00AM

What and how does a Cheshire eyepiece do? Is is better than a laser collimator?

No Tape Rigel Quickfinder

Posted by Matthew Cecere 12/07/2006 12:00AM

Strap on, strap off !