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Great Scope cover from "Tele Gizmos"

Posted by Randy Nulman   04/17/2005 12:00AM

Up to now, the "Desert Storm" cover has been a choice of many amateurs. I used one myself, but found that it was heavy, awkward, and not flexible. I also found that it did not stand up to weather issues very well. I often saw peeling of the coating on the mylar cover, and cracking of the cover itself (over a relatively short time) that forced me to replace my cover frequently.

I came across the TeleGizmos cover last year...they had just begun marketing it for use in our distributers at that time. I ordered a specially sized cover from them and was amazed at the quality of the whole thing. It was very light, flexible, and had a silver colored outer coating similar to the Desert Storm cover (to reflect direct sunlight).

After months of testing in all weather conditions..including "tons" of rain, hot spells over 80 degrees, etc...I found that it has held up to the elements unlike anything I've ever seen before. Even now (8+ months later), it looks and feels brand new...never got "stiff", no cracking, and it keeps the inside temp relatively cool even when exposed to a full day's worth of direct sunlight here in Southern California. It's quite water resistant, virtually "waterproof" (as advertised)..Did I mention it's extremely light and flexible?

This is one accessory that I can highly recommend after some thorough testing. It's also now being offered by many distributors, including Anacortes. Here's one link to the product:

Telegizmos Covers at ATWB

There are many standard sizes for various scopes, and they will make custom sizes to fit anyone's specific needs.

Again, this is a great product and probably the best scope cover produced to date.

I have no financial interest in this company or it's products...just thought I'd alert the astronomy community to a really good choice for those that use scope covers.

Randy Nulman