Garrett Signature HD-WP 10x50 Binoculars

Posted by Joel Nadel   09/05/2008 07:00AM

The Garrett Optical Signature HD-WP 10x50 binoculars are optically superb, precise and very sturdy. I picked them up at our Army Post Office (I am in Stuttgart, Germany), after ordering them eight days before. They were very well packed in bubble wrap and Styrofoam and the box was clearly labeled “fragile” and “delicate instruments”. These came with a lens pen (a lens cleaning device) and deluxe neck strap. My initial impression was that they were big, solid and very well built – they weigh 3.5 lbs. This is consistent with some of the literature that I read that the heavy duty binocular frame helps the binoculars maintain precise collimation. I took them out tonight and, as advertised, the collimation is spot on. “Seeing” this evening was a bit dodgy with clouds and light haze, but I was able to do some gazing at the moon – it was very sharp, clear with excellent detail and contrast on the terrain relief. A bit later, the clouds cleared enough to see Jupiter and I was able to pick out three moons. The view was crisp and clear with no ghosting. Stars are crisp points of light across a good 95 % of the field of view, it only starts to blur at the very edge. The optics are really excellent – I own Celestron Pro 7x50s, Celestron Skymaster 15x70s and Nikon 10x25s and these Garrett’s are significantly superior to all of them. These binoculars have individually focusing eyepieces which is fine for astronomical use, but is a drawback for terrestrial use. Having said that, I did some bird and plane watching today with them, and the images were very clear, with no noticeable color distortion, and very crisp. My arms did get tired after a few minutes, so I braced against my balcony rail and was able to observe for quite a while. They are equipped to handle a binocular mount for a tripod. In summary, these binoculars are of excellent quality for a relatively low price – they are worth every penny they cost, and more. I thrilled with them, would purchase them again, and I highly recommend them.