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A super alt -azimuth

Posted by richard wong   11/10/2009 12:00AM

A super alt -azimuth
Pictured is Leonard Higgins, a friend and a member of our small group, who offered to build an alt-azimuth mount for my two scopes. Leonard, who has won many merit awards from RTMC, built the mount in his garage shop. He designed and built everything, including the worm and gears for the slow motion controls. Incorporated are stainless steel shafts, roller and tapered bearings, clutch mechanisms, and provisions to exactly align the scopes.

The laser pointer is inter-changeable with a Telrad. On the left is a 5" fluorite doublet in a carbon fiber tube. I got the objective twenty or so years ago from Japan. On the right is a Mewlon 250. The tripod is a Quick-Set that will lower and raise 150lbs.

Most astronomers will never know the joy of viewing the same object ( different field of views) at the same time with another viewer. Because the mount is adjustable in height the viewing position is always ideal. One of the great blessings of this hobby are the friends we make...thank you Leonard.