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Celestron NexStar 6SE

Posted by Frank Dutton   01/06/2013 12:00AM

I am just coming back to astronomy after many years. As a spotty youth I had a 3" refractor of dubious quality.

Having done a lot of research and checking the availability of Celestron 'scopes in Australia I finally put my money down on the 6SE. I got a very good deal which put it well within my budget and I was also able to buy the power tank and lens accesories. Another reviewer has written how simple it was to unpack and set up. He was right on the money.

My only concern on set up was the fact that the pointer scope supplied did not have enough adjustment to allow it to bet set correctly. I used a couple of shims I made from business cards under near the adapter and now it works perfectly.

I was stunned by the image quality. Jupiter with a 32mm and 25mm lens was stunning and using both those with a 2xBarlow gave some good image of the clouds. My wife had never ever looked at a planet or a star before and she was stunned by Jupiter and refused at first to believe it was that wee point of light and I must be playing tricks.

The Jewel Box group in the Southern Cross is a beauty and the the Great Nebula in Orion shows some tempting gas clouds. The quality of the mount is good and sturdy, easy to set up.

Moans and drips:

1. Why has Celestron discontinued the equatorial wedge that goes with the SE6. Bad move!

2. Could they not improve the security of the handset. It clips in only on two bottom lugs and then falls off if you move the scope at all. For 20C more they could have provided an extra bit of plastic to hang it on or made a third retaining clip.

Otherwise I am a happy bunny. I have ordered the camera adapter and I am looking forward to using it even more.

Rating 4.5/5