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CPC800 a great buy!

Posted by Mike Sheron   06/24/2009 12:00AM

CPC800 a great buy!
Well I am on my 4th scope since the Celestron 4SE last year. After the 4SE I bought a CPC1100 which was great and a real monster. Then I sold it to get a Newt. Got rid of it within a few weeks to go back to a CPC. So I opted for the 800 model.

Why? Portability; stability; & features. This line was made for me I believe. I like the computerized scopes and the CPC line has all the bells and whistles I person could want in a scope. The setup is easy, even for a first timer. The ability to have the scope up and running from the box is within the hour and having a basic understanding of the machine.

Like all Celestron products, the CPC800 is no exception to the quality I have come to know. The 800 gives me more portability than my previous CPC1100 for sure. Afterall, it shedded 20 lbs. The goto feature from the box was almost spot on. The electronics are second to none. The scope has great light gathering ability to make prior objects now appear with more detail.

If you are a beginner but want a scope that will let you grow for years to come please consider the CPC line and for portability if aperture fever is not what you have then might I suggest the 800 model. Being someone that has had both, I can say the decrease in power and light was not so much I felt like I was wrong in my decision. It also doubles as a decent AP scope.

If you buy one of the many aftermarket wedges then you have on serious AP scope that really can only be surpassed by a GEM scope. So go to a local dealer and try one out or place your online order now. With the $200 manufacturer rebate it is really a no brainer.