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Orion 150mm Maksutov-Cassegrainian

Posted by Lawrence Carlino 08/05/2005 07:00AM

A “Bigger Mak” for bigger appetites by Lawrence Carlino

RCX400 a winner!

Posted by Mark de Regt 07/02/2005 07:00AM

RCX400 a winner!

Everything the LX200 is, and so much more

Meade Maksutov Cassegrain 7” (178mm) LX200 f15 OTA

Posted by Steven Keaton 07/01/2005 07:00AM

A Sleeper that comes alive

A Review of the Meade RCX Line

Posted by Clay Sherrod 06/02/2005 07:00AM

Possibly the finest production telescopes ever produced....

Celestron CPC 8" XLT

Posted by Jerry Zaun 05/28/2005 07:00AM

Celestron Has a winner!

Life with a C14

Posted by Clifton Loo 05/20/2005 07:00AM

How to get the most out of the ultimate scope.

Orion's Apex 102mm Maksutov-Cassegrain

Posted by Blair Slayton 04/05/2005 07:00AM

Orion's Apex 102mm  Maksutov-Cassegrain

Best Scope for the money

Celestron C130 5.1 inch Maksutov OTA

Posted by Tom Nicolaides 03/25/2005 08:00AM

Celestron C130 5.1 inch Maksutov OTA

An inexpensive 5 inch Mak to compete with Orion's Apex 127

Nexstar 8 GPS

Posted by Donnie Bigers 10/31/2004 07:00AM

Nexstar 8 GPS

Compromises aside, this combination is a winner!!

Celestron 8 XLT

Posted by Lawrence Carlino 09/20/2004 07:00AM

The CAT with (at least) 9 lives

Meade Mak 7" LX-50

Posted by George Mavromates 08/10/2004 07:00AM

Want to have near refractor APO quality at a bargainprice then check out the Meade Mak 7"

NexStar 11

Posted by Ed Moreno 08/09/2004 07:00AM

The BEST compromise?

Celestron’s NexStar 11 GPS

Posted by Dannon Vick 07/15/2004 07:00AM

Celestron’s NexStar 11 GPS

Big aperture in a backseat size.

Nexstar 9.25" GPS

Posted by Richard Beasley 06/06/2004 07:00AM

How does the GPS platform stack up against a Losmandy GM8. Are SCT's inferior to other scope types?

The Formidable Celestron C14

Posted by Paul Atkinson 06/02/2004 07:00AM

The Formidable Celestron C14

Like To Go Deep? Then Celestron C14 Might Be For You!