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Eight-inch Shootout

Posted by Lawrence Carlino 05/11/2012 12:00AM

Eight-inch Shootout

A Celestron 8 SCT and 8” Dob go head-to-head against a premium Mak-Newtonian (with a special guest appearance by a Takahashi FS-152) by Lawrence Carlino


Thank you for that wonderful shootout! I really enjoyed reading it.

It reminds me..

Back in the day I was going to get my first telescope ever, I thought of going for the Intes Micro- Alter MN 78 (it had about 13% central obstruction which is nothing..). In the end I ended up getting a 4" refactor (I mean "The" 4" refractor APM Lzos 100/800..).

Now that i'm older and more experienced I think the next scope I will jump in aperture all the way up to a 20" f/4.7 Hubble optics Dobsonian.

Clear sky!