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The iOptron Urban MC90 "GoTo" telescope system

Posted by Terry Elliott 05/23/2019 07:00PM

The iOptron Urban MC90 "GoTo" telescope system

More Features Than The Competition But At What Price?


  • Scura [Erwin Forbragd]
  • 08/10/2020 11:38PM
I believe the MC90 is actually a Maksutov Cassegrain and not a Schmidt Cassegrain optical system.
  • Eblanken [Ed Blankenship]
  • 01/20/2022 04:26AM
True: 90mm OTA is MCT not SCT - Really a "knock-off" of the Questar and Meade ETX-90.

True that you have to tell the computer where and when you are but really - how hard is that? As for the batteries - I have used the external jack and an older Celestron Power Tank. Yes, AA cells can be used but I have no experience with that approach. The scope will run just fine with the external power. The mount speed selection is a true PITA and the finder scope is best replaced with a red dot. I found that a wrap of pipe tape on the threads of the altitude lock made it much more secure.

I have the 70/400 refractor and if your MC90 is as good, you whould be pleased.
Hmm - cannot edit...

That should be 80/400 refractor.

  • Eblanken [Ed Blankenship]
  • 01/20/2022 04:24AM
I spent the extra money and got the GPS equipped Cube A or Cube G models and have not looked back. The Cube E needs time and location each and every time you power up.