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Coronado SolarMax 60

Posted by Greg Piepol   05/17/2004 12:00AM

Coronado SolarMax 60

The filter rating is listed at .7 Angstrom or less and has an operating temperature between 32 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It is wonderfully crafted and enclosed in a brass housing. The T-Max tuner was wrapped separately. A 1.25-inch blocking diagonal (BF10) is included along with a plastic, foamed lined carrying case. A small instruction card and plastic end caps are also included. The cost was $2600 and I received it within one week of ordering. The telescope to filter adapter plate cost $160 and took about 8 weeks to arrive (I temporarily mounted the filter on an old dust cover until it arrived).


I mounted my filter on a William Optics Megrez 80 (f/5) refractor. A 25mm Plossl eyepiece gives a very detailed, full disk view of the sun. Prominences are easily observed along the limb. Filaments and active regions can be seen without effort and have good contrast. Spicula can be observed covering the entire solar disk.
A TeleVue 8 to 24mm zoom eyepiece works better. At 24mm, the image of the sun is smallest but contrast is at its best. Lighter active regions are much brighter than the surrounding areas. At 8mm the sun fills the eyepiece and allows you to magnify individual features. Contrast is decreased and the lighter and darker features tend to equal out into the same brightness of red. This is the setting to use on prominences. This eyepiece and telescope combination has quite a bit of reflected light. It is most noticeable around the sun and causes the blackness of space to be colored red. I don’t find it a problem, however.


While the PST and SM40 are very acceptable for the money, the Coronado 60mm Ha filter is a good compromise between cost and performance. The 60 will give you very satisfying views of the sun and allow you to take quality images.

Greg Piepol

Click here for more about the Solarmax 60 with BF10 1.25" 90° blocking filter and TMax Tuner. -Ed.
(Note: there is more than one model, so be sure to ask your sales representative for the perfect match)