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A Eyepiece Calculator on Steroids

Posted by Samuel Roa   04/29/2009 07:00AM

A Eyepiece Calculator on Steroids
This tool is comprised ot two downloadable documents:

1) Excel worksheet. It has two spreadsheets, "calculations" (you enter data here) and "practical help" (step by step practical help).
2) Word document with theory behind the methods.

With these, you can accurately determine:

a) Eyepiece Focal Length (2 different methods)
a') Deviation from stated focal length for each method.
b) Scope Focal Length
c) Scope AFOV without eyepiece
d) Scope Mag. without eyepiece
e) Eyepiece AFOV
f) Eyepiece TFOV
g) Optical train Mag. at short distance (indoors)
h) Optical train Mag. at infinite (normal usage)

Download Section:
Excel file link:

Word file link: