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Another enjoyable review! Thanks for doing them.
Question: Out of curiosity, did any of these eyepiece have what might be considered an excessive in-focus requirement?
  • Orion777 [Mark Gemmell]
  • 12/16/2022 09:20AM
To answer your question, none of them required an excessive amount of in-focus. The 20mm has the most in-focus out of them all, but it is only just over 3mm outwards from the very bottom of the barrel.
Clear Skies Rod !!!

  • Orion777 [Mark Gemmell]
  • 12/15/2022 10:09AM
Hi Rod,
Thanks again for the nice words. If you check the pic, I have rubber O-Rings on the barrels. That is exactly where focus is for all of them. Cheers!!

Hi. Great review. I use the very similar Stellarvue Optimus line, and I am very pleased. I have done direct AB comparsions with the ethos line. They stand up great to that standard bearer. I use the same coma corrector you used here. It is excellent. Question- what size O rings did you use, and where did you get them? eg-did you use smaller sized ones and stretch them out? Thanks!
  • Orion777 [Mark Gemmell]
  • 01/19/2023 08:51PM
Hi StarmanRUSH2112.

First, let me just say that your username is excellent! (Huge Rush freak here myself as well, lol). My first concert was when they had John Rutsey. My brother took me to see them at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The concert I saw after that was right in the front row for AFTK tour. Man, that was epic! Some clown threw an empty 40 Oz whiskey bottle at Neil Peart and the bottle shattered on one of his cymbal stands !!! :O The show stopped and all eyes were on whoever threw the bottle at Neil. Geddy went up to the mic and he said, "Hey, please if you're going to throw anything, make it a couple of joints...not a whisky bottle, someone could get seriously hurt". I remember that well, lol.

I bet you've been to a few shows yourself as well huh? I also snuck into Copps Colliseum in Hamilton for one of their practices LOL. (I think it was Roll The Bones tour...1991). Seven of us snuck in and we saw most of the show and one of the guys went right to the floor and sat in the front row of empty seats and a security dude saw him and he grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and he found all of us in the press boxes, while a buddy of mine filmed it, HAHAHA!!! Check Youtube for the practice is circulating all over Youtube... LOL !!!!

I hope you enjoyed my Rush stores haha. Lol. Anyhoo....back to the review....The O-Rings I used are about 3mm thick. I got them off of Amazon. Here is the exact description:

224 Buna-N O-Ring, 50A Durometer, Round, Black, 1-3/4" ID, 2" OD, 1/8" Width (Pack of 15)

Hope that helps !!!
Cheers !!!


Oh Man! This made my morning/day/ week!!! One of my biggest regrets in life is that I only saw Rush about 15 times. That was over many years. One ethos eyepiece or a Taylor Swift ticket would have gotten me to 50 rush concerts since 1974!! I wish I had followed them around on tour more. Your stories are EPIC! What an honor to have seen John Rutsey! My best story is so lame in comparison- best I ever did was 9th row- no doubt I made eye contact with Geddy and he was like- who is this kid who knows every word to every song?????? Sadly- all just memories now- never to be replicated. One thing I've always noticed is how many times the lyrics referenced the stars and the heavens. Even the very last song- "til the stars go spinning, spinning through the night" I'm about to start crying-lol. Thanks for the awesome memories- and oh yeah- the information on the O rings!! Clear skies!!- Scott Goforth

  • Orion777 [Mark Gemmell]
  • 02/11/2023 03:41PM


15 times? That alone is AWESOME Scott !!!! Last tour I saw live was Roll The Bones !!! Ticket prices are way too high to go now. LOL.