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Nice review, I used to have a set of Naglers and I regret selling them. I didn't own any of the ones you reviewed, but I did own the 22mm TeleVue Panoptic and I agree wholeheartedly that thing was amazing. You really can tell that Televue does indeed care about their eyepieces the build quality is top notch and very solid. They also hold their value well. Cheers!
  • Orion777 [Mark Gemmell]
  • 12/10/2022 08:55AM
Hi Jack!
Thanks for the comments and reply. I agree about the 22mm TeleVue Panoptic. It's def a special eyepiece in it's own right!
I will probably get another one down the road if I see a nice used one. Cheers to you as well Jack!

I have the 17mm Nagler type 4 and it most certainly does require a coma corrector in a fast dob. It performs well enough with one in my 12" f5 but the in-focus requirement is such that it doesn't come to focus with a paracorr in my 16" f4.5 with a low profile focuser and I'm not about to cut the truss tubes for one eyepiece. That said, its overall performance relative to contrast, resolution and light throughput is quite good but you have to use a paracorr with it to get the most it can deliver in a fast scope. I did expect it to perform better even without the paracorr but it's not well-corrected enough to do so with a fast light cone.
That said, I enjoyed your review of the type 4 naglers...
  • Orion777 [Mark Gemmell]
  • 12/14/2022 08:49AM
Hi Rod,

Thanks so kindly for your comments. All true as you said! I've read quite a few of your reviews as well and I thoroughly enjoyed the ones I did read! Clear Skies to you!

  • Orion777 [Mark Gemmell]
  • 12/14/2022 08:51AM


I meant to say "Forum Posts", lol.