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Dan's Pier Plates

Posted by john dull   03/18/2006 08:00AM

Dan's Pier Plates
I became disabled about 10 years ago and had to give up all my hobbies; flying planes, kayaking, skiing, hunting, guitar and keyboard playing, etc. Ever since I was a kid, sleeping out summer nights, I was facinated with the sky. So I decided astronomy could keep me occupied. I started with 80mm refractors and gradualy acquired aperture fever. With the larger scopes, I needed a permanent site.

Living in the country, I had my future son-in law build me an observatory. By this time, I had moved up from 10" SCTs to my present C1400 CGE. In my observatory, the floor, although rather sturdy, at anything above 100 power just shook the scope enough to make any observations difficult. I decided to use some aluminum junk pillars to make a pier.

My friends came and built it for me but I had no way to mount the telescope. Enter Dan's Pier Plates.

They are made for cement piers but with a little help from Dan, and a little machine work, I now have an adjustable pier that can be adjusted both in level and in azimuth. The plate itself is a nice black coated 2 piece aluminum with holes predrilled for the CGE pier and for mounting to the pier itself.

Thanks Dan, it made my life easier.