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Posted by MARK PAJOR   05/30/2004 12:00AM

I am very grateful for getting involved in this hobby. By no means am I even close to being called fluent, but I do love the deep sky, as it puts my mind in a state of amazement, a condition of joy, like a kid in a candy store finding things out there on my own and being proud that I even found them. That wow sort of feeling. But I do wanna thank one man out there. A man I have never met. I put a message in the forums about help in choosing the right scope for me. One man named Bob answered all my questions, every time. And after purchasing my new scope, the one he thought would best suit my needs for years to come, I lost my job due to cutbacks. I placed an ad in the classifieds for the scope as I would have to sell it to make ends meet. Then Bob wrote to me and asked, if 40 people sent me money, would it help me be able to keep my scope. There aren't many people like this out there today that would be willing to help a stranger or novice astronomer this way. For this reason, I think Bob is a dear and true friend. Its friends like this you only find in this great hobby thanks, Bob.

Your friend,

(Editor's note: I lent my hand to help Mark with his english on this article. In spite of some modifications, I hope I have successfully passed along Mark's gratitude and joy in the hobby we all hold dear. -Ed.)