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Scientists Find a Way to Scientifically Explain Why Dark Matter is not There

Posted by Guy Pirro | 11/30/2020 08:31PM | 0 Comments

Galaxy NGC 1052-DF4 is very unusual in that it is missing almost all of its dark matter. Recently acquired data from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope provides evidence for tidal disruption in this galaxy and this new result is being used to explain why this galaxy is missing most of its dark matter. But is it possible that dark matter simply does not exist? History provides us with many examples where scientists have invented ideas out of thin air to help explain away things that are just not understood. In some ways, dark matter (and dark energy) bring to mind another imaginary concept -- the so called "Aether Wind" of the 1800s. Back then, everybody just "knew" that space was filled with an "Aether Wind." The problem was that no one had ever seen it or measured it. Will the concepts of dark matter and dark energy meet the same fate as the Aether Wind of the 19th century? Time will tell.

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