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New !! LaserBlast AwayThat Cloud Layer !!!

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Stellar Technologies International is proud to introduce the new LaserBlast 105. (See photo below). The LB 105 is designed to blast a temporary 15 arc-second circle through the densest cloud layer, thus guaranteeing astrophotographers clear, dark skies for productive imaging sessions. This model boasts a portable 105 amp power supply sufficient for sixty seconds of continuous burn. An (optional) plug-in wall power supply may also be used where local brown-outs are permitted.

The heart of the LB 105 is formed by a proprietary arrangement of 1,024 non-standard white LEDS manufactured exclusively for us in Singapore. The main assembly is made of ABS and weighs only six pounds (lithium power supply 125 lbs). The photo shows how easy it is to piggyback the LB 105 to your telescope. Co-linear alignment with the optical tube assembly is straightforward. Simply focus your scope on the letters of your local water tower, and then turn on the LaserBlast 105 and center its beam on the same area. Note: Do not exceed ten seconds exposure time.

The LaserBlast 105 is available for pre-ordering on our website. Payment must be accompanied by a certified letter from the EPA and an authenticated copy of your homeowners insurance policy. The LaserBlast 105 is not afforded the normal STI 30 -day 'Clear Sky' guarantee since it would be oxymoronic.

And, for those who do have naturally clear skies once in a while, please check out our Series IV 'Stiletto' focuser. It's the real deal available right now for perfect imaging. The 'Stiletto' is absolutely guaranteed to put your camera in perfect focus each and every time (in under 30 seconds), or you get your money back.

And yes, you will hear more about the LaserBlast 105 as soon as I settle this little case about the Cessna with the FAA.

Happy April 1st & Clear Skies!