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Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction 2020

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Astromart "secret" #4

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YOU can place as many "no reserve" AUCTIONS you like for FREE ~~~~!!!!

The whole reason for an auction is to get the best value for your product/s. Here are some tips that will help you do that:
1) ALWAY start your auction at a low number like $1
2) If you are going to use a reserve put that reserve at the absolute MINIMUM you would ever take for it - not what you WANT for it
3) Buy it now is only if you are in a hurry to sell it and you think someone would actually pay that price - if you are going to use BUY IT NOW you may as well just put it on the classifieds to begin with. Eh?
Auctions create competition for your item - no competition no auction - get it?
AstroMart auctions differ from others in that we don't stop bidding at a set time IF THERE IS STILL BIDDING GOING ON we add 5 minutes to the auction time so you get the best price for your item - no SNIPPING
Astromart auctions do not take a percentage of your sale price - you pay a set amount 3 auctions for $10 or buy one at a time for $4 - many of you have free auctions that you were given by AstroMart.
If you place a no reserve auction that starts at $1 you get that auction for FREE - as many as you want
If someone doesn't pay you for your auction on AstroMart they get their account deleted and you get a free replacement of your auction.
Thank you and have fun getting the most you can for your items