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Eclectic Meteorite Collection

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All Reasonable Offers Considered!

Eclectic Meteorite Collection. 30 individual meteorites (2 are duplicated). I will not separate out or part any of this Collection. Sale includes all mounting boxes and display cubes as shown, except for the shelf. Descriptions are given in good faith and are accurate as provided by the original seller to me. Free Shipping USA.

A note regarding the individual prices/gram. I simply did an internet search Last December, one at a time, and grabbed the information from the first vendor I came across with a similar item. In some cases, I searched the vendor to see if I recognized another item in my inventory and used that data also. No effort was attempted to cherry pick the highest gram/price.

Also, please keep in mind that the price I am asking for this collection is discounted over 40% from the 12/2017 market prices that I have researched which should more than compensate for any price variations from various sources.

If you would like a copy of the original spread sheet, showing dates of fall, when found and location, then please feel free to ask...the below attempt of showing the SS contents truncated to much; however there is a photo of the original SS shown. Also please feel free to ask for an individual photo of an item that you would like to see closer. In addition I can supply the original vendor for any of these items.

Description Class Type Weight Price/Gram 12/17 Price Source
Bendego Og IC Fragment 7.300 $20.00 $146.00 Meteorlab
Bilanga ADIO Fragment w/FC 3.170 $50.17 $159.04 Michael Farmer
Calcalong Creek LUN Imb Micro Mount MM $50.00 Estimate
Canyon Diablo IA Whole 200.100 $1.50 $300.10 Meteorite Mkt
Canyon Diablo IA Whole 19.800 $1.50 $29.70 Meteorite Mkt
Claxton L6 Micro Mount MM $35.00 Meteorites-for-sale
Clifford L6 Part slice 2.960$42.00 $124.32 impactika
Dar al Gani 476 SHE Thin Slab 0.616$1,200.00 $739.20 planetbrey (Mars)
Dhofar 020 H4/5 Fragment 26.000 $4.35 $113.10 Moldavites
Dhurmsala LL6 Part Slice 4.910$45.00 $220.95 Michael Blood
Ensisheim LL6 Micro Mount MM $85.00 Estimate
Gibeon IVA Piece 120.000 $2.50 $300.00 planetbrey
Gold Basin L4 Individual 37.630 $3.00 $112.89 planetbrey
Great Bend H6 Part Slice 2.900 $21.93 $63.60 Big johnMeteroites
Hope Creek LL6 Part Slice 1.450 $15.57 $22.58 SV-Meteorites
Hope Creek LL6 Part Slice 0.930 $15.57 $14.48 SV-Meteorites
Howe H5 Part Slice 43.500 $15.17 $659.90 meteorlab
Imilac PAL part slice/frag 6.200 $51.00 $316.20 meteoritemarket
Montferre H5 Part Slice 1.160 $27.00 $31.32 Estimate
Moon n/a Micro Mount MM $40.00 Estimate
Murchison CM2 Part Slice 0.440 $195.00 $85.80 meteorlab
Norton County AUB Fragment 0.410 $50.00 $20.50 meteoritehunter
Portales Valley H6 Thin Slice 8.000 $40.48 $323.84 Meteorite Mkt
Round Top (b) H4 Part Slice 21.100 $18.00 $379.80 Estimate
Sahara S 99031 Thin Slab 3.910 $2.50 $9.78 Estimate
Sikhote-Alin IIB Individual 154.200 $4.00 $616.80 Michael Farmer
Tatahouine ADIO Fragment 1.550 $23.00 $35.65 Meteroites for sale
Tulai (a) H3/4 Full Slice 38.600 $11.67 $450.46 Estimate
Wagon Mound L6 slice 11.200 $3.00 $33.60 planetbrey
Wickenburg L6 Part Slice 5.300 $16.23 $86.02 Estimate
Total $5,605.67