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a few very Very nice Meteorites

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Hello All
Guess You could call this a Pre Black Friday Sale .
Im a member of the International Meteorite Collectors Association # 6289 / Anything I sell is 100 % Authentic !!!!
All meteorites will be shipped through Canada Post with a tracking # & insurance
You pay the PayPal fees & I pay shipping

a Extreamily nice slice of a unclassified stoney chondrite showing nice metal flakes & some really amazing melt veins / this slice is almost fully crusted & comes in the protective case as shown . this specimen weighs 105 grams & can be delivered to Your door in the States or Canada for only  $ 90 American via PayPal ( this one is sold )

190 gram fragment of JAH 073 ,, this fragment is a wonderfully sculptured piece that stands up so nice for display
Not much of this one ever seen for sale ,,, this one can be delivered to Your door for only $ 100.00  American via PayPal ( Sold )

Now here is a Ultra Rare / Ultra fresh Eucrite ,, from Asteriod Vesta 4 ... I normally do not put high end meteorites on here as there is other sites I deal with where people go just for such items ,, however this time I thought I would test the waters with this one .
Serra Pelada / Brazil  / 0.536 gram  or just over 1/2 a gram , this has gorgeous black tar like glassy fusion crust & a exposed interior ,, the best of the best !
this can be delivered to Your door for $ 150.00 American via PayPal

Thanks All