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PierTech 3 Height Adjustable Piers

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Load your OTA at a safe and comfortable height, then raise the pier to a comfortable sitting or standing position or anywhere in between!!

See our YOUTUBE video here: copy below and paste in youtube search

PierTech 3 New Design 2021, twice the cross section of the PT2.
Electric, 120 volt with optional 12 vdc battery operation. 
Aluminum top plate with mulitiple holes patterns for popular mounts.
Minimum Height: 34 inches
Maximum Height: 54 inches
Can be stopped in any position
Polar alignment and level repeatability in any position GUARANTEED!
Applications: AP1600, Planewave L500, SB ME, etc. contact PierTech to discuss your application. 

Advantages of the Pier-Tech3 Height adjustable Pier:

1) Save your stamina for all night long viewing by not straining your back in different viewing positions.

2) No awkward bending, step stool or ladder use in the dark.

3) For imaging, your cameras are always at a convenient position for adjustment.

4) View toward the zenith without straining your back

5) Keeps level and polar alignment at every height.

6) Raise your telescope above your observatory wall to view low targets in winter and comets.

7) We can adapt our anchor plate to any existing piers.


PierTech 3 – Electric Height Adjustable Pier – a game-changer for any observatory

I have used this pier with great satisfaction since buying it new in 2005. I really believe in this product, and have two PierTech 3s.  I couldn’t do this hobby without them.  They make it possible to observe all night long because your stamina is not dissipated in dealing with uncomfortable viewing positions.

This adjustable pier means that you can observe and image in far more comfort and convenience.  You can see objects low in the sky while standing, and objects high in the sky while seated.  No more awkward bending or ladders.  For visual observers, you can observe without straining, for longer. For imagers, your equipment is always at a convenient height.

John McQuillan



I’m writing to extend my deepest gratitude to you for creating such a life-changing device (Telescoping pier) and for sending the top plate. Tonight, I was able to photograph Comet Neowise because your pier let me raise the scope up above my observatory wall to view to western horizon. I could not stop smiling, and my wife was amazed at the elegance of raising my scope and mount with a button touch. Thank you, thank you.
Above is the photo I took tonight of Comet Newwise.

With great appreciation for your work,

Faramarz Hidaji, MD

Contact to pre order
Pier-Tech Inc.