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The SCT reference for everyone

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For all the AstroMarters who have wondered, pondered, or thought about my "Celestron The Early Years" CD-ROM, here it is again. Don't delay. Nowhere else will you find the material covered in here - period!

Anyone browsing this category user can highly benefit from this ebook. Whether you’re an ATM, a telescope user, equipment buff, optician, engineer, history buff, library curator, or an owner/user of an SCT, pick up a copy of “Celestron The Early Years.”

This is NOT just history book describing old Celestron telescopes that are rarely found today, it’s MUCH, MUCH MORE!. “Celestron, The Early Years” is a resource for all astronomers. Sure, this ebook DOES describe in detail all the original Celestron telescopes, and no one with one of these scopes should be without this CD reference, but this can benefit ALL telescope users. PLUS, THIS INFO WILL NEVER BECOME OBSOLETE OR OUT-OF-DATE! NEW, REVISED EDITION IS NOW AVAILABLE.
Don't take my word for it. Go have a look at my Astromart ratings and see what other astronomers have said about it.

Here's just a sampling:

Excellent-It's no wonder its so highly recommended by the SCT elite. Contains a considerable wealth of information that any SCT owner will find useful, educational and entertaining. I shouldn't have waited so long to get it-Thanks, Bob! Patrick Keith.

I'm a former Celestron employee and I assure you that there is not a better collection of information on Celestron's early years than Bob's book/CD. It a fascinating read. Steve Reed.

5+++ Stars! Every Celestron owner and SCT afficianado needs to acquire Robert's CD ROM ebook! It is a truly amazing piece of work, and worth every penny. He definitely is one of my favorite Astromartyrs because of this. Many thanks Robert! Martin Rhode.

Bob, If you would like to use me for reference, feel free :-). This is THE reference source for Celestron SCTs! While I've owned a copy for years, I never really looked through it until I took delivery of your C16. EXCELLENT work! Mark Beale.

The only Celestron manual I’ll ever need. Norman Lloyd.

Dear Bob, Thanks for your wonderful CD. It was masterfully produced and contains so much information of interest to me…Lew Chilton.

What can I say about this extaordinary CD-ROM on the history of Celestron? It is utterly unique, and any astro-geek should not be without one! Doug Peterson.

…you’re certainly going to like this fascinating compilation…the disc is filled with valuable information…Reproduction of engineering drawings, advertisements, and hundreds of pages from catalogs and instruction manuals, not to mention descriptions of a few trade secrets, will keep readers occupied for many a cloudy night.” Dennis DiCicco, Sky and Telescope review, November, 2004.

…While I’ve examined and used quite a few of these telescopes over the years-they don’t call me “Mr. SCT” for nothing-I learned a lot, and I do mean A LOT here. Not only things I’d forgotten over the years, but much I never knew…This book is worth every penny – in spades. You’ll agree once you see the work the author put into it. If you are an SCT fan, this is something you will want – no – something you MUST have! Rod Mollise (Author of “Choosing and Using a Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope”)

Bob, I just received your CD yesterday and all I can say is WOW. This is absolutely the best information on telescopes of ANY KIND that I have ever seen. I stand totally in awe of all of the information you have presented here… Your research and documentation are really first-rate, worth every penny and then some - I have to get some work done now I guess as I have been totally engrossed in your CD so far! John Hutto

Here’s a few of the tidbits you’ll find in this CD:

Methods of collimation not found anywhere else.
Testing techniques for determining the quality of your optics that don’t require a thousand-dollar optical bench.
Engineering diagrams and technical details of Celestron SCTs found nowhere else at ANY price - PERIOD!
Mechanical how-tos regarding mounts, stability, set-up and use in the field. Interviews with real opticians who produced SCT optics and assembled the scopes, and many “trade” secrets only now revealed to the general public.
How to obtain thousands of precision pinholes (for artificial stars) at a cost of only a few dollars.
How to optimize mirror spacing for best performance.
How to identify optical problems and possible solutions.

If you’re still not convinced, how about this: There are dozens and dozens of (legally) reprinted old Celestron newsletters, flyers, spec sheets, etc. in this CD. Many could be considered “collectible” items, and you would pay perhaps $10 or more for each one if found on Astromart today. For a few bucks more, you can get them all here, along with all the rest of the CD’s info.

This unusual e-book (CD-ROM) is probably THE most comprehensive work ever assembled on the early history Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes andhow they evolved over the years. Part history book, part shop manual, part technical encyclopedia, part photo album, it tells the story of Tom Johnson, Celestron’s founder, his company, techniques, and telescopes, from their inception, in 1963. This book was done with full cooperation of Celestron, and even contains current interviews of 18 of their personnel. 78 chapters, over 1700 pages of easy-to-read text, TONS full-color, HI-RES photographs. Too big to put into print at any reasonable price, it is offered on CD ROM in PDF. Requires Acrobat Reader 4 or higher. Only $39.95, shipping included anywhere in CONUS. For all Windows PCs and newer Macs.

If you're still not convinced about spending the money, offer me an interesting trade on a piece of astro equipment and I might take you up on it...

PS: I will be out of town and away from my computer from Thursday Sep 28th through Labor Day. Order now so I can get one shipped before I leave!!