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17.5" - 20" dob

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Aperture fever has struck, and Im looking for an 18" Truss dob!
I'm open to Discoverys 17.5" F5 truss or an 18-20" of the like! (would like an F5 but I'm fine with 4.5 too)

MUST be a truss dob! (no Orion or Meade metal cans..  want wooden rocker box styles)
I expect near perfect optics (no scratches, major chips.. needs recoatings, etc..), smooth movement.. nothing rough or binds.. or needs work, etc..... Few light "travel" scars I can easily look past.. major dings/dents would worry me.

I am, however, open to something that is optically and functionality-wise superb, but perhaps might need a little refinishing of the wood work, etc.. BUT I'm NOT looking for someones "full project"! (probably don't have to worry about that too much since our passion in our hobby!)
I'm in Oregon City, OR, and willing to travel a few hours! Cash ready!
-Clear Skies!!