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Started by administrator, 04/23/2004 07:30AM
Posted 04/23/2004 07:30AM Opening Post
It appears that I have been removed from Astromart. I would appreciate an explanation of this as I am not aware that I did anything to bring on this action. I have played the ad game aggressively and enjoy the site. Also, I have exchanged many good pieces with others and their feedback has been most positive. Further, I have been an active customer with ATWB and just today I rec'd an eyepiece that I bought for $290.00. It seems that someone at ATWB takes extra focus in selecting me as high in the pecking order when others on this site do the same thing with their ads. Please RSVP as I would appreciate the chance to continue what I believe has been a very positive relationship with others on this site and will immediately reduce my exuberant activity here. This is what happens when a person has a physical disability (multiple sclerosis) and lots of time to pass as the disease prevents other more productive and meaningful activities.

Further, please notice that at 11pm tomight, another astromart user jockeyed is eyepiece ad to the top for a better chance. If thats what is moving you to be "short fused" its time to clean house of everyone who does this sort of activity.

Now, Mr. Administrator, I am angry. I bet you have personal ssues that are the driving force to make others unhappy. Only your analyst knows for sure.