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Called and ripped my staff about .....

Started by administrator, 07/03/2003 04:10PM
Posted 07/03/2003 04:10PM Opening Post
This guy had a question about AstroMart and called our office and ripped my staff and then hung uo on them and THEN emailed me.....ATWB staff are trying to help ATWB clients and know NOTHING about AstroMart questions...

i rited to log in and it say my user account has been banned,
i would like to know what is happening for i did not do anything wrons
thank you.
(name EDIT)
thank you for your prompt attention
i am quite pertubed
Posted 07/03/2003 04:58PM #1
Herb, THAT sort of writing skill (or lack therof) is one of my pet peeves. I am 61 yrs old, a college grad, and been around the world several times and to both poles. I personally believe this country is headed down a long slippery slope into oblivion simply because the number of truly competent people to run things properly in this US of A is down to a bare minimum right now.
The fact that society accepts and even condones the dumbing down of our kids is beginning to show, and that post is a good example. God help us all!!