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Can we live without the "Space Man"?

Started by administrator, 09/14/2003 07:53AM
Posted 09/14/2003 07:53AM Opening Post
I have followed all the suggestion. The only thing I can not provide is a phone number. So I put in the correct area code and prefix. But I left the suffix all zeros.

If this is the only reason I can not, or do not have your permission to access the classifieds. Then all I can say is, it’s not my loss.

I’ve been playing on the internet since 1990. I am very aware of how things work.

I look forward to receiving my welcome notice for your site.

I not, thank you in advance for your help.

Respectfully: Wayne (edit)

I am the Space Man!

Posted 09/14/2003 03:56PM #2
He was a hacker and got on the web before it opened! :^)

[SIZE="Large"][/SIZE][COLOR="Blue"][/COLOR] Floyd Blue grin
Amateur Imager
Posted 09/16/2003 06:30PM #3
The loss will be difficult...he will be missed in ways that are difficult to describe...but he can research that on the Internet, since he seems so familiar with it.


Jeff 8O
Posted 09/23/2003 04:21PM #4
Well... I suppose technically if one used the (d)arpa-net which evolved into the Internet we all know today, they could claim to have used it since 1990. By that definition I first logged into the internet back in 1979. That was slightly after the Pyramids were built, I think. You know, after the dinosaurs died out?