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Started by administrator, 08/24/2003 11:16AM
Posted 08/24/2003 11:16AM Opening Post
Eric, Bruce and Herb:

Believe it or not, I received the ETX 90 from Alex today. It was packaged poorly, and I'm surprised it survived the trip. But it made it. The package did not contain everything Alex included in the deal, and one piece appears to be broken, but I think I will take what he sent and consider myself lucky.

Since Bruce should by now have his stuff, this appears to leave Eric as the odd man out. I will do whatever I can to help him recover his money. I note that Eric seems to have a different e-mail address for Alex than I do. The one I have been using is:


Eric, please let me know if I can help.

Bruce, thanks for your efforts in getting all of us together. I think it was useful, and I enjoyed talking with you and Eric albeit under less than ideal circumstances.

Herb, I am most grateful for your assistance. Whatever you did no doubt induced Alex to more or less honor his deal with me. But I sure wouldn't let this guy back on AstroMart.