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Started by administrator, 06/29/2003 10:46AM
Posted 06/29/2003 10:46AM Opening Post
I am always happy to see when an idiot makes an attempt to be, what he thinks, is clever. A little paranoid, maybe?--Perhaps because your subscribers have been robbed/burned so many times due to your lack of foresight.
My only purpose was to become a member here to find a Vintage Celestron C5 (as you'll see if you look at my history before you nastily cancelled my old login info).
I placed a want ad for a C5 about 6 months ago here, and received a phone call from a Canadian gentleman who told me he had what I was looking for. He said he was leaving that night to go to Europe for 2 months, or so, and would ship it out the next day if I would only wire him $650 asap. At that point I knew your site was plagued with criminals. No need to reply.....