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Started by administrator, 06/30/2003 04:24PM
Posted 06/30/2003 04:24PM Opening Post
"Dear Herb,

Honestly, I didn't have the intention to deal in those items on an ongoing
basis. I had thought that the item I listed was useful for amateur
astronomers and wanted to "pay" for my own purchase of a (edit) like the
one I offered in the deleted ad. I am currently out of work, but I still
have the astronomy "bug" (read addiction?) & I am just trying to buy a few
"nice" accessories like the (edit), a (edit), etc., without
tapping too much into my savings. Don't know if you can relate. I'm kind of
trying to wean myself from a buying mode into a selling off mode...

I was doing it as a lark, had no idea of how many of the (edit) would
have sold (I have fewer than ten which was all the retailer had, which will
go back to them if you don't want to allow it) & my "profit margin", if you
want to call it that, was very low.

So purchasing 10 ads at the $40 level is a bit beyond my means and outside
my intent to become a "dealer". Is there any way to maybe purchase a single
"one shot" ad like the one I had? Since I opened my account, I have made
many purchases of some pretty big individual used items that I may well HAVE
to sell because of my financial situation. That will still be allowed, even
if I don't buy the 10 ads, right? Thanks.