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Started by administrator, 09/04/2003 02:50PM
Posted 09/04/2003 02:50PM Opening Post
Obviously I've (edit)issed you off. From a search of the newsgroup archives and
S.A.A I see there are a number of people that don't agree with your business
or astromart policies. My gripe is that I followed the instructions given
on your sign up page and received no emails back regarding problems you had
verifying my account. When I finally received a reply that you had problems
verifying my phone number, I gave you my work number thinking your were
looking for a live person to talk to. Only after your last one liner was it
was clear that you wanted a number tied to the home address I gave you, I
provided that. Yes, I got (edit)issy, but your replies too were (edit)issy.

Again, I AM A NEWBIE! I have no history of you to know that your
personality is such that your replies are one liners and come across caustic
(per my readings of past Usenet posting by you and others that came to
defend you).

I followed the signup rules given all the limited details provided, I
replied to your questions about a verifiable phone number, and it looks like
I am not getting an astromart account because YOU cannot verify my phone
number, which is no fault of mine. The number I gave DOES belong to that
address. All the numbers I gave (with the exception of my main 9-5 number)
is tied to my home number. My numbers are are only listed by name and
number, not an address. I can only assume that you cannot verify ANYONE
that is unlisted or has my type of listing.

I understand that you own the domain and pay for this yourself
so you can run it the way you want (as I do with (edit).com). But I did
follow your rules for signup. There was no detail in your faq concerning
what number to leave. Again, all the numbers I gave you are located in my
home address.

Please reconsider my access to Astromart classifieds. Again, I am a new
'amateur astronomer' looking to spend many hopefully enjoyable years in this
hobby and see astromart as the best way for me to obtain premium eyepieces
and barlows without needing to spend MSRP prices.

tec(edit).com (also my (edit)bay username if you wish to verify my user