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Started by administrator, 07/08/2003 04:28PM
Posted 07/08/2003 04:28PM Opening Post


I am an amateur astronomer who made the mistake of using an alias when
registering on your Astromart website. This action resulted in having my
access to the forum revoked. Since then I have made at least two
attempts at resolving this matter – obviously without success. I did try
to reach you by phone at (800) 850-2001 but they suggested that the best
way to reach you was through email. I really enjoy being able to
interact with other amateurs on Astromart, and am making what I believe
to be “beyond a sincere effort” to establish my creditability. For what
it is worth, I have included two recent orders I placed with (edit)
for (edit) diagonal and (edit) eyepiece. I hope that this establishes that I
am a participant in this hobby and not deserving of being quarantined.
If you would like to reach me my home phone number is (edit).
Sitting at this keyboard, I am at a distinct disadvantage in defending
myself. I can assure you that I represent no threat to your
organization, that I am a professional who works in the optics business
(space related) and that my intentions are to enjoy the astronomy. If
this is insufficient, then do what you have to do.