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Man - I just don't many of these anymore...

Started by Anacortes, 04/25/2012 06:47PM
Posted 04/25/2012 06:47PM Opening Post
Well the good news for you now is that even if you wanted access you can't have it.
There you go
Live long and prosper

On Apr 25, 2012, at 6:22 PM, Mr EditHole wrote:

Well, Mr. Herb York, the Devil incarnate himself! So, please explain to me why since I have been a participant since early 2000 ( maybe even before you dragged your sorry ass on board) that you refused my membership? I didn't realize how many other poor unsuspecting souls you screwed over until I googled "Astromart memberships".

The truth might be refreshing for a change. Try it!


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On Apr 25, 2012, at 6:44 PM, Astromart wrote:


It is going to cost you $12 to have access

Thank you
AstroMart LLC

On Apr 25, 2012, at 4:30 PM, Me EditHole wrote:

I've been a loyal member of Astromart since 2001, however, recently one day out of the blue I'm told I need to send in $12.00 to access the website. What is the deal??

Here is one of my contacts from way back then when I was working.

Subject: Welcome to Astromart - Important account info inside
Date: October 8, 2001 11:04:00 AM CDT

Do you still have a affiliation with them?? Can you ask them why I suddenly need to send in money? My other friends who have been buying and selling through them say they don't have a problem.



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Posted 04/25/2012 07:49PM #1
Wow Herb, how could you refuse such a nice guy a membership for free? 8)

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Posted 04/26/2012 06:41AM #2
Cheap bastard. $12 is a bargain to gain access to the amount of quality equipment you find on Astromart. Screw him.

Reminds me, I need to renew my support.

Midway, FL
Posted 04/26/2012 09:44AM #3
Well the good news for you now is that even if you wanted access you can't have it.

Seems like a win-win situation for everyone. Jerry/Edit-hole saves himself the $12 registration fee and we are all winners because we won't be dealing with this fine fellow...

There is a reason Astromart is the most secure site for buying and selling...

Thanks Herb...


Posted 04/26/2012 10:22AM #4
Posted 04/26/2012 11:13AM #5
Man I crack up everytime I see "edithole" in these kind of posts grin

¡ʎɐqǝ uo pɹɐoqʎǝʞ ɐ ʎnq ı ǝɯıʇ ʇsɐן ǝɥʇ sı sıɥʇ